Monday, February 7, 2011

Almost Heaven

Sometimes I need to remind myself why I love the country and this is one of them.  It definitely has it's ups and downs.  I have moved from the big city (well pretty close to it) almost six years ago to the sticks.  I don't think you can get any more country than the mountains of WV. The first year was the hardest, talk about culture shock! I used to live close to everything: malls, restaurants, movie theaters, etc.  I guess in some ways you can say I took it for granted.  I've always loved the country: the forests, the rivers and lakes, the thousands of stars but didn't really expect to end up in WV. My first two and a half years I spent a lot of my time fishing and camping and slowly fell in love with this little piece of heaven.  I loved the slower pace and virtually no traffic.  Then all of a sudden my life got turned upside down and I left one part of the state for another but I was happy to be able to stay. 

Once again I had a little bit of trouble adjusting not so much to the country life but to a different atmosphere.  I lucked out when I first moved to WV and landed a job within a week.  This time I was unemployed for six months.  I have no one to blame but myself for not securing a job before the move.  I learned to shoot bow and ended up buying to of them. I haven't fished as much as I would like, in fact, hardly at all.  In both towns I was/am practically in the middle of nowhere.  At times, it's the greatest thing but others it's a little bit boring, okay a lot boring.  The closest cities to me now are about an hour and a half away and those are not that big.  There is a place not too far from me where there are small waterfalls that I go to find solitude and meditate.  The falls remind me of why I love the country; the peace, serenity and beauty of it.

I call WV home and whenever I did go to my home state, NJ, I couldn't wait to return home to the country roads.  Now I'm at the crossroads of my life and I'm not sure where it will take me.  It's time to move on from this area but I'm not sure if I will stay here in WV or move to another state.  The decision is no longer just mine to make.  I'm sure I can find some beautiful country somewhere.

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  1. Little houses tucked between the mountains.
    Laughter and tears concealed by the clouds.
    Whispers and whimpers are hushed by the broad, sturdy trees.
    Mothers, Fathers, Sisters and Brothers all so isolated from this cruel world.
    How lucky to be in this place we call West Virginia. ~Kristin