Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A little R&R

I know I'm not the greatest at writing but it's something I've always wanted to try.  Here's a little something.   

The day has finally arrived for Julia after five long months of waiting for Alex to come home.  She was so nervous she barely slept.  This is to be their first meeting.  Julia met him online on Christmas Day.  They exchanged pictures and neither one was disappointed.  She loves men in uniform, his is Army.  They talked online whenever they could between the missions he went on and her job.  They were even lucky enough to talk on the phone a few times.  She was so excited, she needed to do something to relax.  "I think I'll take a bath to relax me," Julia thought.  She fills the tub with hot water and Japanese Cherry Blossom bubble bath.  She lights the candles that surrounds the tub and put some country love songs on.  She slips out of her robe after testing the water with her foot.  She sinks into the bubbles and takes a deep breath and thinks, this will do the trick.  The phone rings startling her out of her relaxed state.  "Good morning, beautiful," Alex greets her.  "You startled me, Alex.  I was relaxing in the tub."  "Mmm," he responds, "I'll be there in one hour to pick you up."  "I can't wait," she responds, trying not to sound too excited.  She gets out of the tub, dries off and goes to her room to get dressed.  She slips on a black bra, black boy shorts, boot cut jeans, and a pink cami top.  She braids her long blonde hair and puts on her makeup.  Julia goes down to the kitchen and pours herself a glass of sweet tea.  She puts her sandals on, takes her tea outside and sits on the porch swing to wait for Alex.

Ten minutes later Alex pulls up in his pickup truck with his 4wheeler in the bed of it.  He whistles at her, "you're even more beautiful in person."  She blushes, "you're not bad looking yourself," and chuckles.  She gives him a big hug, "let me put the glass inside and then I'm ready to go."  She could sense that he was watching her walk towards the house so she turns around slightly and gives him a wink and a smile.  She returns a minute later, "I'm ready to go."  Alex is already waiting for her in the truck, she slides in next to him and places her hand on his leg.  He drives to the mountain, parks the truck and unloads the 4wheeler.  He asks Julia to get the backpack from the backseat.  She gets it, puts it on and gets on the 4wheeler behind Alex.  He looks back at her, "hold on tight."  She smiles and wraps her arms around his waist.  They take off up the mountain splashing through the mud, taking in the sites.  After about 30 minutes of riding, Alex turns off to the left and drives to a clearing.  A few yards away there is a small waterfall that dumps into a creek.  Alex climbs off the 4wheeler followed by Julia.  He takes the blanket off the rack and lays it out on the grass.  Julia unpacks the picnic: Italian subs, oil and vinegar, chips and sweet tea.  "I didn't get onions on the subs," Alex informs Julia.  "Good, I don't want onion breath," she replies.  They sit on the blanket, eat lunch, and listen to the sounds of nature.  After they finish eating, Alex leans close to Julia and gives her a soft kiss, "I've been waiting 5 months to kiss those lips." Julia kisses Alex again, "as have I."  Alex wanted to continue kissing her but decided to wait.  He knew she wants to to take things slow and he respects that.  "Let's continue our ride," Alex says as he gets back on the 4wheeler.  Julia ties the blanket and backpack to the rack and hops on behind Alex, "let's ride."  They continue on for three hours, stopping here and there to take pictures.  Finally they arrive back at the truck and Alex loads the 4wheeler into the bed.

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